Packing Machinery

Introducing our packing solutions.


In 1937, Molins developed what is arguably the single biggest break-through in cigarette packaging - the hinge-lid pack. This decision went on to revolutionize cigarette-packaging worldwide.


Carrying on from this success, Molins has recently launched the new Molins Optima hinge-lid cigarette packing combination at 400 packs per minute.


The combination includes:


  • MTU4
  • Tax Stamper Unit 400
  • Wrapper 400
  • Boxer 50
  • Over-Wrapper 50


The Molins Optima downstream equipment is supplied by Shivamani.


Shivamani Group, with over 40 years of experience in the engineering industry, offers a complete range of design and manufacturing solutions in precision engineering, tooling, fabrication, special purpose machinery and automation.


Molins has combined Shivamani’s products with our engineering experience and global presence to provide distribution and support for Shivamani’s equipment worldwide.