The PM5 is an integrated tow opening and plug making combination for the production of cellulose acetate filter rods.


The PM5 will handle all current types of cellulose acetate and liquid plasticizer, with all controls in easy access while the roll area is safely guarded with transparent covers.


Some of the new features include:


 • Latest touchscreen control panel that constantly feeds information back to the operator and the upgraded electronics facilitate full offsite monitoring and diagnostic control, if required

• Basic machine setting can be stored as a recipe and each filter brand can be implemented at the touch of a button

• Servo drives to reduce maintenance and reduces the requirement for change gears

• Octave type bobbin changer with hub braking and splice on the fly splicing

• Redesigned garniture improves filter quality

• Servo driven paper drive capstan roller greatly improves the machines runability of porous paper

• Rotary ledger

• Quick size change




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