Molins Rebuild Service

Our global network of rebuild facilities will overhaul and enhance any Molins machine to help you meet your specific requirements. The reputation of our rebuilds is founded on two sound principles - expertise of our skilled and experienced workforce and a strict adherence to the highest quality standards of assembly, inspection, finishing and testing.

Our world leading rebuild services have evolved over the years, with principal operations in the USA, Brazil and Molins in the UK.

We are able to meet the challenge of today's multi-faceted requirements with greater flexibility than ever before. Regardless of the original supplier or level of rebuild, our comprehensive rebuild services have a package to meet your needs. All rebuild packages are accompanied by full documentation including manuals and parts catalogues. Services also include installation, protocol and, where required, expert training of your own personnel.


Premier Rebuild

This superior service involves a complete strip-down, replacement of all worn parts and re-assembly to the highest standards. The latest technical innovations are also incorporated to achieve a completely new specification, which compares favourably with a brand new model.


Functional Rebuild

As an alternative to the Premier Rebuild, we offer a functional rebuild service. The level of this service is dependent on the condition of the donor machine, which is established following a detailed audit by competent and experienced Molins Field Service personnel.


Modular Rebuild

We also offer a custom modular rebuild and exchange service. This flexible service enables machine upgrades on a modular basis, allowing the critical areas to be improved. New modules can give your machine an increased lifetime or a higher specification, thus improving its overall performance.

Only genuine Molins spare parts are used and all modules are individually tested and guaranteed for 12 months. New parts listings and sub-assembly documentation is provided for each module.

Benefits include - fast delivery, skilled audit and repair, prolonged life cycle, guaranteed fixed cost of repair, minimised downtime, lower inventory costs, value-for-money.

The service we offer is flexible to suit your individual needs.

If you require further information on any of our services or techinical assistance, please contact your nearest Molins Regional Office.