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We have a revolving stock of machinery for dedicated training courses and customer upgrades. Quick delivery and special prices are available on some models.


We also have a limited stock of used or rebuilt machinery, if you have a specific requirement contact your regional office to find out what equipment is due to be available soon.


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Octave Super Slims

We have an Octave Cigarette Making combination available for immediate delviery, based on the specification below, although various size change kits are available ex-stock.


Please contact your regional office for further details.


Octave Superslims specification


Cigarette Rod   Diameter

5.4 mm

Rod Length

69 mm

Overall   Cigarette Length

99 mm

Filter Length

30 mm



The Molins Octave sets a new standard for reliable cigarette production machinery.

octave white 


The Octave combines the best of both worlds - based on the highly successful Mk9 maker concept, the new machine is immediately familiar on first appearance and is reassuringly similar to operate. Under the sleek new guarding however, the machine has been engineered to utilise the latest technology that is proven to deliver enhanced quality and performance. The Octave reliably produces cigarettes at 8000cpm.

The Octave utilizes independent drives for quieter running, quicker brand changes and increased reliability. Improvements to the hopper allow optimisation of tobacco handling in line with the characteristics of modern tobacco blends. This combined with a new nylon band suction chamber incorporating an improved interface to the garniture, gives unparalleled rod formation.

In line with modern production demands, the inspection system now measures more parameters associated with individual cigarette quality, such as rod diameter, ventilation and pressure drop. Weight analysis is further enhanced with rod scanning microwave technology. All inspection, ejection and sampling functions are controlled by Molins high speed controller improving the weight control response time, resolution and overall production consistency.

The latest Siemens touch-screen display provides an intuitive 3D operator interface and remote connectivity to management information systems.

The Octave also benefits considerably from MTM's partners who specialise in improving the quality and lifespan of existing parts.

The result is a truly exceptional machine that is set to have the same impact on the tobacco industry as the original Mk9 machine.


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forte white picture

The Forte filter making machine is the latest integrated tow opening and plug making combination. It has a familiar layout and footprint to its predecessor, the PM5. The machine has been improved and upgraded across all the key operator controls and assemblies, and sets the standard for filter rod production.


The Forte will handle all current types of cellulose acetate and liquid plasticizer and produces a highly consistent, robust and flexible solution for all your filter making requirements.


Some of the new features include:


• Latest touchscreen control panel that constantly feeds information back to the operator and the upgraded electronics facilitate full offsite monitoring and diagnostic control, if required

• Basic machine setting can be stored as a recipe and each filter brand can be implemented at the touch of a button

• Servo drives to reduce maintenance and eliminate the requirement for change gears

• Octave type bobbin changer with hub braking and splice on the fly splicing

• Redesigned garniture improves filter quality

• Servo driven paper drive capstan roller greatly improves the machines runability of porous paper

A full machine specification is available on request.

Forte Headerpanel

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We have a new Machine available, currently set up to handle king-sized 84mm Cigarettes.


The TUDOR P Tray Unloading Machine operates at up to 10,000 rods per minute and can be linked to any cigarette packing machine or filter rod handling system.


The machine employs mass-flow technology, which affords maximum product protection.  The minimum drop of the rods during the tray change further enhances the gentle handling characteristics and virtually eliminates the occurrence of crossed rods.




Full trays are placed onto the top band reservoir, where they are progressively advanced towards an elevator, which raises each tray prior to inversion above the hopper.  The tray contents are protected during the inversion procedure by a plate.  When the tray is fully inverted the plate is withdrawn enabling the rods to drop into the hopper.  The rods in the hopper are maintained at an even level by a control system comprising a series of flow separators, which are easily adjustable to cater for tray and product size changes.




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MK9 / MaxS

MK9 / MAXS Combination for 5,000cpm - Fully Rebuilt new electrics with new Siemens S7 PLC System


Total cigarette length: 83mm
Tobacco rod length: 63mm
Tobacco rod circumference/dia.: 24,8 mm /7,89mm dia.
Filter rod length: 120mm (6up)
Cigarette filter length: 20mm
Total cork width: 50mm
Cigarette cork width: 25mm
Tip orientation: TTO "low level exit" (in line tip turner)
Electrical spec: 380V/60Hz.




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MK8D / PA8 / Handcatcher

MK8D / PA8 / Handcatcher for 2,500cpm - Fully Rebuilt with new electrics with new Siemens S7 PLC System


Total cigarette length: 83mm
Tobacco rod length: 56mm
Tobacco rod circumference/dia.: 17mm / 5,41mm dia.
Filter rod length: 108mm (4 up)
Cigarette filter length: 27mm
Total cork width: 64mm
Cigarette cork width: 32mm
Tip orientation: TTI "low level exit" (PA8 type tip turner)
Electrical spec: 220V/60Hz.




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SASIB 5000 Soft Packer

SASIB 5000 Soft Packer for 200ppm as it is for the specification below:


Soft pack.
Total cigarette length: 100mm.
Cigarette circumference:  24,3mm.

Machine Available "As is"
Please note that this machine is not in running condition and has no electrical
part fitted.

Special price for the fully rebuilt SASIB 5000 with new electrical parts can be provided under consultation and depending upon the final specification required.

Please consult your local regional office for more information.




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