Anti-counterfeiting policy

Anti-counterfeiting policy – Molins Tobacco Machinery (“MTM”)


The manufacture and supply of counterfeit cigarettes is recognised by MTM as a serious problem for the worldwide cigarette industry.  MTM is committed to working only with legitimate individuals and organisations.
MTM’s policy is to not supply equipment, spare parts or services to any buyer that is not legitimately involved in the tobacco industry.  Such goods and services will only be sold to prospective customers who are licensed, or who are otherwise legitimised, to produce tobacco products.  MTM will not supply goods and services to individuals or organisations that are known to make/supply counterfeit tobacco products. 


Equipment can be traced back to the original customer as serial numbers and nameplates are applied to all equipment supplied by MTM and this information is recorded with the date and place of sale.  MTM provides its full cooperation to investigating authorities in the event that equipment sold by MTM is subsequently sold on to a non bona fide business.