Our History

A short history of Molins


Molins history has been one of great leadership in world markets - through engineering of great quality, the highest standards of customer service and inspired innovation.

The company’s founder, Jose S Molins, first began hand rolling cigarettes and cigars in early 1874 in the Cuban metropolis of Havana. After emigrating to the States, and then again to London in 1911, his two sons Harold and Walter created a machine capable of producing many different forms of packaging - including packets for cigarettes and large cartons for tea.

The following year The Molins Machine Company was founded.

In 1924, the company patented the very first cigarette maker, the Mark 1, which by 1928 was running at 1,000 cigarettes per minute. The same year, the Thrissell Engineering Company (later to become Masson Scott Thrissell) was acquired. In 1931, the Company opened their first state-side site in Richmond, Virginia, in the heart of the US tobacco industry.

During the Second World War the company focused on contributing to the production and supply of armaments to the allied military forces. Such contributions resulted in the award of the Medal of Freedom by the President of the United States.

Following the war the company saw great growth in business and in 1950 the Saunderton site was opened near High Wycombe. The division continued to operate at this site for over 50 years, before relocating to Princes Risborough in June of 2010.


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